10 Ayurvedic rules for healthy digestion

10 Ayurvedic rules for healthy digestion

10 Ayurvedic rules for healthy digestion

Everyone follows some kind of diet these days and the main goal of every diet plan seems to be weight loss. However, in the midst of all this, there is a lack of understanding about digestion until we are faced with some kind of health problem. This is where Ayurveda focuses on both diet and digestion as connected to each other.
Healthy digestion is the most important aspect of Ayurveda.

An old Ayurveda quote says: “Roga Sarvepi Mandagnau”, which means that poor digestion is the main cause of all lifestyle disorders. When a person’s digestion is disturbed, it is easy for them to contract any type of lifestyle disorder. When digestion is optimal, it ensures that one stays away from disease. Healthy digestion can only be maintained by following a healthy diet. This does not mean that one needs to formulate a diet plan. Rather, the focus should be on what kinds of foods should be included.

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Today, six out of 10 people have some lifestyle disorder: women have irregular periods, PCOD, other menstrual problems, etc. Both men and women suffer from fatty liver, weight gain, diabetes and other problems. The root cause of these problems is a faulty diet, which leads to poor digestion and thus poor metabolism. A healthy diet has two important aspects that everyone should understand and follow:

* What to eat?
* How to eat?

Let us take a look at these two and understand the 10 rules that one must follow as part of these two aspects for healthy digestion.

What to eat for healthy digestion?

This is the first thing one should be careful about. Here are the 5 simple rules to follow:

Rule 1: Skip the sugar and go for jaggery

Sugar is made up of 90 percent chemical ingredients and our body needs to make a lot of effort to digest it. On the other hand, jaggery is a natural source rich in nutrients, easy to digest and can be easily converted into energy. Make healthy swaps for better digestion.

Rule 2: Stop using iodized salt and use rock salt

In India, the iodine we get from fruits, vegetables, etc. It is enough to cover the daily requirement. Excessive consumption of iodized salt can affect digestion. Rock salt promotes digestion and prevents an overdose of iodine.

jaggery  Choose jaggery over sugar for the sake of your health. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Rule 3: Stop using refined oil and use cold-pressed virgin oil

Healthy fats play an important role in the development of healthy hormones. Refined oils are made by filtering out all the healthy fats. Cold-pressed virgin oils are made using a natural process. Fat is important to the body, and healthy fats help build hormones. However, bad fats should be avoided and refined oil is 99 percent chemicals. It is also a bad and hard-to-digest form of fat. Instead, sesame oil or other similar oils that do not contain chemicals harmful to the body can be consumed.

Rule 4: Follow a plant-based diet and avoid dairy and meat

A plant-based diet is rich in fiber and therefore easy to digest and aids in elimination. Dairy and animal products have too much protein and no fiber, making them difficult to digest. In addition, dairy and meat products available today are injected with hormones that are harmful to the body.

Rule 5: Eat local, seasonal and easily accessible foods

You prefer to eat fruits, vegetables, and other foods that are readily available near you. Local food will better suit your body and provide all the necessary nutrients for the different seasons they are available.

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How to eat for healthy digestion?

This is the second most important aspect to take into account. Here are the 5 simple rules to follow:

Rule 1: chew well

The digestion process begins in the mouth. Therefore, it is important to chew the food 32 times. When poorly chewed food reaches the stomach, it hinders a healthy digestion process.

Rule 2: 40:90 water rule

Do not drink water 40 minutes before and 90 minutes after eating as it dilutes the digestive juices that are responsible for proper digestion.

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Rule 3: Never overeat

The size of our stomach pouch is small and it can get overloaded when we overeat. In such cases, there is not enough space for the digestion process to take place.

Rule 4: Eat three meals at fixed times

The digestive juices in our body are secreted in a rhythm. If we eat at fixed times, these juices will help better digestion. It is advisable to avoid snacking between two meals when the food eaten before is not even digested well. For healthy digestion, avoid skipping meals.

Rule 5: 12 hour overnight fast

At night, digestive juices help destroy toxins in our system. When we eat late, these digestive juices create additional pressure to digest the food. This can lead to improper digestion and many lifestyle disorders.

According to Ayurveda, these ten rules ensure that you have a healthy diet and digestion routine. When these two are balanced, you will be free from any lifestyle disorders.

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