5 Best Lower Ab Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat

5 Best Lower Ab Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat

5 Best Lower Ab Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat

It’s not that hard to get your upper and middle abs in order. But when it comes to your lower abs, they’re the hardest to break. With that being said, there are a number of lower abs exercises that can really help you reduce fat around your belly area. They are certainly a bit more difficult than your usual abs workout. But dear ladies, we know: no pain, no gain.

There are many reasons why your lower abs look fuller than other areas. This is because water retention, swelling, fat accumulation is maximum in this region, etc. But coupled with a clean diet and some lower abs exercises, you can definitely tone up your core in no time.

So, let’s learn what makes these moves gold for your lower abs.

5 lower abs exercises to get a beach body in just a month

  1. high knees: You can’t really work on your lower abs without adding a cardio routine. Doing high knees is that cardio workout that not only gets your heart rate up, but also warms up your core muscles really fast. The result? Better fat loss around the lower abdomen area! Just remember that you need to do it very fast for that core to really work. Beginners can do 50 reps of each leg and 4 sets, and pros can do 100 of each leg and 5 sets.

    high kneesIf you want to focus on your core, then high knees might be your thing. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

  2. Reverse Crunches: Just like regular crunches hit your upper core, reverse crunches are tailor-made for your lower abs. Let us tell you a secret, if you do hundreds of leg raises in your gym and your belly is still the same, forget it immediately because reverse crunches will allow you to lose weight faster and the repetitions will also be lower. If you can’t do reverse crunches initially then use this trick, hold something behind your head to balance the movement and once you get the hang of it you can place your hands on the mat and do it. Beginners can do 15 reps and 4 sets and others can do 25 reps and 4 sets.

    reverse crunchesNot everything you do backwards is bad. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

  3. Scissor abs exercises: Many of you have to give up this exercise when you are asked to do it, because it seems too simple. Now read very carefully what we are going to tell you. The general rule of thumb for doing sit-ups is that simpler movements are better than complex ones. You know why? Because you perform them correctly with the correct form and muscular engagement. So the next time your coach tells you to do it, don’t make a face! Rather do them to know their value. Beginners can do 50 reps of each leg and 4 sets and others can do 100 reps of each leg and 5 sets.

    scissors crunchesTry scissor crunches for a toned belly and trust us, you won’t regret it. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

  4. Crunches in V and retention: This is the ultimate sensational for your abs, whether it’s your upper or lower abs. With this movement you will be squeezing every inch of your belly. This exercise consists of two movements. For the first, you need to do regular V-ups and once you’re done with a set, you need to hold your V-pose for 10 seconds. Beginners can do 15 reps then hold and do 4 sets, while others can do 25 reps then hold and 5 sets.

    Postpartum belly fatSay goodbye to belly fat and hello to v-ups.

  5. Pilates 100: You can do this exercise after lifting your knees because this exercise will shift your core gear from being hot to active. Simply lie on your back, raise your legs and neck, keep your arms straight at your sides, raise them together, and with your palms try to hit the floor. You should aim for 100 touches and 4 rounds.

So ladies, keep it simple with these 5 Lower Ab Moves and get back in shape.

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