Attract good energy by training your mind with these tips

Attract good energy by training your mind with these tips

Attract good energy by training your mind with these tips

For years, thousands of books, philosophers, and religious gurus have been around to train us with meditation techniques for positivity and good energy. Has this really given people a lasting solution or just a temporary face of levity? The human body does not need any training to be calm and relaxed. It is always the same mind that floats. It is the distractions of life that make life suffer and make a person feel bad or depressed from time to time. But, is there a recipe to attract good energies? We think, there is!

In my opinion, the work will never stop, the struggles will never end, and the mind will never stop thinking, which will make us feel that we have not yet achieved our life goals. However, we just need to accept some things and let them go without getting too attached to them.

Why taking time for yourself is a necessity of the moment?

Taking time for your precious body and soul is the simplest key. While you may have been looking for it in books and videos, you need to find it within yourself. This is where the real solution lies. Humanity has stopped trusting in its only absolute power with which it governs itself throughout life.

Taking effective breaks from work every two hours for 15-20 minutes without a cell phone or thinking about work will make a difference. Taking a walk breathing fresh air or taking deep breaths and concentrating on small events around you, such as observing nature, roads, buildings, moving cars, makes you live in the present.

We are all lost in calculations, past or future assumptions and we are not able to live and feel the current environment and the events that surround us. The moment you feel your breath, your soul and the environment, you will attract good energy and positivity to face any situation that comes your way.

From the day we are born, we have only achieved one thing or the other. If you don’t trust me, start writing down your experiences and memories from when you were in sixth grade until you were in college. You will discover stories of success, heartbreak, money and confidence. There would have been some happy and sad memories that you list, but that’s part of life. We are so lost in achieving our goals and desires that we forget to take a bird’s eye view of the patterns our life is showing and shaping for us. If we take the time, we will understand the algorithm of life and nothing will move us. We would be full of positivity and energy.

Here are some tips to attract good energy:

1. Break the monotony

Stop living a monotonous life and devoting yourself to a job of the same nature and cause some change in your way of thinking. Do the things you most fear doing, something that is challenging and adrenaline pumping and you will see how exciting your life will be. At first, it will be difficult, but it will give you hope to open a new world around you.

2. Write a journal

Write down your fears and work on what makes you run away from them. Identify the algorithm of the same for the past years, unlock it and face it, the fear will escape when you unlock it and face it and your life will be full of positivity.

improve your productivitySpeak with all your heart in your journal, because it helps to attract good energy. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Connect with people

During this process, connect with like-minded people who have started from scratch and are never afraid to lose. They take every step with pride and go above and beyond. In those people, you can also find real motivation as they not only bring you positivity, but also fill you with hope and help you attract good energy.

4. Meditate

Enjoy the meditation. It may not only be in the form we know, but also in the form of listening to music, singing songs, swimming, sitting alone outside and looking at nature and taking deep breaths. News channels and social media updates should not be checked regularly as they put an unnecessary load on your mind that has almost nothing to do with you but requires your time, energy and positivity.

how to meditateConcentrating while meditating is not as difficult as you think. Image courtesy of Shutterstock

5. Extend a helping hand

Doing your time or helping an NGO, or helping others, will also enhance your strength, positivity and energy, since you feel that you have that strength with which you can at least help one person or family in this life.

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