Be disciplined with your diet

Be disciplined with your diet

Be disciplined with your diet

Dear natives of Capricorn, your health will be stable. You will focus on maintaining discipline in your eating and exercise regimen. Do not get carried away by social obligations and ruin your discipline. Eat healthy and get enough fiber.

Your work will be hectic. Expect work from old clients. Be open to suggestions from everyone. Don’t ignore decisions made by others at work. Even if you disagree with them, express it subtly. You’ve been getting extremely pushy at work and people won’t like you very much. Let people do their jobs instead of controlling everything.

Your family life will be stable as you enjoy time alone with your family members.
Your social life will be hectic as friends may visit you. You will also hear from an old friend.

Your partner will turn to you for career advice. You can spend the afternoon brainstorming with them and help them get the clarity they need. You will also make travel plans or a weekend getaway soon to spend quality time with your partner.

If you are single, you will be pressured to meet someone through family. Go with an open mind, as you might actually like the person.

Activity Tip: Take time to write your personal goals in a journal.
Lucky color for work: Dark green.
Lucky color for love: White.
Health tip: Be more organized.


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