Dull skin?  Try hydration boosters for radiant skin

Dull skin? Try hydration boosters for radiant skin

Dull skin?  Try hydration boosters for radiant skin

Beauty plays an important role in our lives. Aging leads to a decreased ability in the functionality of all layers of the skin, which in turn leads to structurally weak and aesthetically unattractive skin, dull, dehydrated and without elasticity. With increasing pollution, UV exposure, and stress, simply using skin care products may not be enough to achieve clear, glowing skin. One such trending skin treatment that has gained immense popularity among skincare aficionados is skin hydration boosters.

To find out all about this skincare trend, Health Shots spoke with Dr. Nivedita Dadu, a renowned dermatologist, founder and president of Dadu Medical Center.

Dr. Dadu says, “The hydration booster treatment is perfect for anyone with dull, dehydrated, lifeless skin. It focuses on delivering instant hydration using non-invasive methods and minimal downtime. Skin hydration enhancers are simply the bioactives that help or encourage the skin to increase or improve its function. Boosters have been used to treat structural skin changes associated with aging, as well as other factors. Restoring lost nutrition and vital components of the skin is the concept involved in skin biorevitalization.”

How do hydration boosters give radiant skin?

Hydration skin boosters are microinjections of hyaluronic acid injected into the skin. Hyaluronic acid is a natural moisturizing factor found in the skin, muscles and joints. This ensures a deep and natural hydration of the skin from the inside. Skin boosters are injected into the papillary dermis where they activate fibroblast cells. This stimulation of fibroblasts promotes the formation of new collagen and elastin, which in turn results in soft, smooth, glowing, healthy-looking skin. This skin rejuvenation treatment can be applied to the face, neck, décolleté, and hands to improve hydration, texture, and radiant skin.

skin tighteningHydration boosting treatments will give you radiant skin and will also help treat the signs of aging. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

What are the benefits of hydration boosters besides giving you glowing skin?

Skin hydration boosters use hyaluronic acid which helps stimulate collagen and increase elastin that is reduced due to aging, sun exposure and other environmental damage. Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, pores and wrinkles. When hyaluronic acid is injected, it provides instant hydration and even cushioning, depending on the type of molecule used. Once it enters the skin or tissue, it plumps it up and absorbs more water.

This helps it stay that way for a long time, as it naturally breaks down and is absorbed into the body. This gives an even tone to the complexion and reduces skin pigmentation. If you have mature or dehydrated skin, skin hydration boosters will help retain water in your skin so it looks hydrated and glowing from within. Therefore, these skin enhancers are a complete skin rejuvenation treatment that reduces fine lines, improves skin tone, moisturizes skin and makes skin look fresh and glowing.

What are the effects and duration of the hydration booster treatment?

The effect of the treatment lasts for more than 10 to 15 months depending on the number of treatments and the hydration status of the skin, again depending on the molecule used. You can see the results instantly and it peaks within a few weeks. It is excellent for correcting volume loss, especially in the face, neck and hands. It is used to treat dark circles, rejuvenate and plump the lips and correct the loss of volume in the cheeks.

dolphin skinThis hydration boosting treatment will give you luminous and toned skin! Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Can hydration boosting treatments have side effects?

Skin enhancers are safe for all ages and skin types. Although they are more ideal for dry and mature skin. The treatment is safe for everyone, but diabetics should receive the treatment under antibiotic coverage to prevent infections. People taking blood thinners or other medications may experience mild redness or bruising, but that’s manageable if you follow your doctor’s advice.

Anyone who suffers from dry skin or loss of volume in the face, or wants a less obvious change in the nose, defined lips without surgery, can opt for this. Before treatment, apply a topical numbing cream that makes the treatment virtually painless. After the procedure, you may feel a little sore for a day, which will go away and the procedure will not affect your daily routine in any way. The procedure is comfortable, fast and efficient.

However, we may not recommend that you quickly grab your bag and do it. Consult your dermatologist before opting for any skin care treatment.


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