Here’s why you need a sleep routine just like a good diet

Sleep plays a vital role in a person’s overall well-being. Sleep schedules are different for different people and vary depending on various factors. Usually, as night approaches, depending on our sleep routine, we give our body different signals to prepare it for sleep. Some people clean up at the end of the day, others get ready for the next day by hanging out the clothes, others drink some kind of relaxing tea, and others choose to read or turn off the lights and scroll through their Instagram. These are all the normal routines that people follow and the signals that they have established so that their brain understands that it is time to go to bed.

Pranay Jain, a health expert and nutritionist, spoke to HealthShots about the importance of developing a sleep routine for a happy mood.

“With the new fast-paced life and hustle culture, sleep is ignored by many. People spend all night finishing homework and projects, studying for tests, preparing for an important meeting, playing video games, or watching Netflix. All of these bad habits disrupt the sleep routine,” says Jain, who is also the CEO and founder of BodyFirst.

Why do most people find it difficult to create a sleep routine?

It all starts with delaying sleep for one night. Staying up late one night becomes two nights a week and gradually progresses to the point where one no longer has a healthy sleep pattern and routine. Lack of a sleep routine can disrupt sleep.

causes of weight gainHaving a sleep routine is of great importance, especially when it comes to your mental well-being. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

“Not having strong signals telling your brain to transition to sleep mode can confuse you as to when you want to sleep, take a nap, or nap for a few hours,” says Jain.

What are some of the harmful effects of not having a proper sleep routine?

When one has an irregular sleep pattern, they will notice that even after a 7-hour sleep, they feel exhausted. This is due to the lack of a routine that interrupts the functions of the brain to reorganize information and send signals to the nerve cells so that they communicate and the body does not receive the order to repair, heal and restore energy for the next day. This is why people who have irregular sleep patterns and people who sleep for a very short period of time experience irritability and brain fog. These people may also find it more difficult to experience a positive attitude towards various situations and find it difficult to manage time and stress.

unable to sleepConstantly tossing and turning is not fun! Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Here’s why you need a healthy sleep routine

Jain says, “A regulated sleep pattern is largely driven by a good diet, routine habits, proper sleep routine, and sleep cues. A healthy amount of regulated sleep helps the cognitive state of mind function at optimal levels.”

Sleep helps reduce stress and manage it better, promotes the mind to think more creatively and creates a positive mood. People who practice regulated sleep patterns enjoy a healthy heart and higher metabolic rate while engaging in productive activities. This helps improve blood flow and promotes the body to stay fit and active, which in turn promotes a positive attitude in an individual. In this world that runs after many things, it is of the utmost importance to rest and allow our body to repair and heal itself.


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