How to refresh curls without washing hair

How to refresh curls without washing hair

How to refresh curls without washing hair

We all want frizz-free, bouncy curls. After all, a great hair day goes a long way towards our confidence. If you’re also the one who wants curls to stay fresh and springy, then we’ve got your back, girl! You should resist the urge to wash your curls every other day and follow these quick DIY steps to freshen up curls and bring bounce back to every curl on a ‘no wash’ day!

Yes, you will still need to shampoo eventually, which is of the utmost importance. Shampoo isn’t the enemy, but over-shampooing is, especially when there are several ways to refresh curls without washing them out. Also, it’s important to know when your curls need a refresh. When curls lack volume and vibrancy, they often need a makeover.

Health Shots spoke with Yuba Khan, hair expert and co-founder of Manetain store, who listed many cool ways to freshen up curls without washing them.

Quick DIY Steps to Refresh Curls:

1. Use a leave-in conditioner

An effective way to keep your curls fresh is to use leave-in conditioner on damp hair. Leave-in conditioner can keep your old curls in place and also help with styling.

If your hair has fewer tangles and is a bit limp, you can use a spray bottle with a moderate amount of water and spray it evenly on your hair as well. Add a pea-sized amount of your favorite leave-in conditioner, curl cream or gel. This mix of conditioner and water can refresh dry, frizzy curls. Khan suggests that a mist of water is especially essential if you’re adding a lot of styling products to your hair. Also, if your curls the next day still have yesterday’s curl cream, then the products you used on your previous wash day can be reactivated by simply spraying water.”

curly hair tipsRenew curls and make them voluminous with these tips! Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Use a curl reactivator spray

You can use curl reviving spray as they don’t leave curls crunchy and only need a few sprays to bring hair back to life. You can use a curl texturizing spray and crunch and loosen your hair to freshen up your curls.

3. Roll them with your fingers

Curls in transition can have an even harder time looking springy, so spiraling them with your fingers can also help. “Apply your favorite styler or spray water onto flat curls and twist each strand around a finger until it appears crooked. Then scrunch your curls and let them air dry. Many rely on this method to refresh curls.” Khan says.

If a softer hold is more your style, freshen up with a styling cream. Similar to using a hair gel, apply the styling cream to each individual curl that needs to be straightened and scrunched.

how to comb hairCurling your fingers can help define your curls. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Use a hair gel

Hair gel can provide an important hold for old curls in need of longevity in style. Mist the area with water or a leave-in conditioner first, then apply a small amount of styling gel to each curl. Scrunch curls well and let them air dry, or use a diffuser on the cool setting for faster results.

5. Sprinkle dry shampoo

To freshen up curls, dry shampoo can also work perfectly. Helps keep your hair going for longer than a day or two or between washes.

masks for curly hairSprinkle on some dry shampoo and shake it to refresh the curls. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

6. Blend your hair

Lastly, blur your hair when you are done with the basic water spray or product application. It shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes and drying damp curls will take another 10 minutes, and you’re done. You can finish with a straightening or by applying 2-3 drops of moisturizing oil to the length of your hair to make sure it doesn’t end up with frizzy or dry curls.

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