Leo health daily horoscope for April 29, 2022

Leo health daily horoscope for April 29, 2022

Leo health daily horoscope for April 29, 2022

Health will be stable. You will focus on being consistent with the changes you intend to make in your diet. You need to stay well hydrated as this is going to be a busy day and you will be all over the place physically.

The work will be slow initially, but will pick up the pace over time. Expect work from old clients, but someone can act moody and difficult. Just be patient and you will find that they agree with everything you say. The more you resist, the more you
will act aggressive. Important meetings attended in the past will bring results today. You’ll also have a ton of work to finish, which could keep you at work late. A co-worker could be acting cranky. Don’t over analyze what they say.

Family life will be stable. . Be more forthcoming with your partner instead of leaving him wondering, as assumptions will create more misunderstandings with him. Social life will be stable. You’ll have plans to catch up with friends you haven’t seen in a while. It will be a good break for you from all the family stress.

If you are single, you will feel a mental connection with someone you just met.

Activity Tip: Channel your creative energies.
Lucky color for work: Dark green.
Lucky color for love: Beige.


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