Scorpio daily health horoscope for April 29, 2022

Health will be stable. But you should cut back on fatty foods and make changes to your diet. You could be emotionally eating, especially before bed. You also need to return to your spiritual practice and chant again.

The work will be exhausting. While you have been planning to do something new and get rejected, there will be obstacles created by others that will slow you down. This will be frustrating because there is not much you can do. Unfortunately, although you may have control over your project/work/ideas, there will be someone above you who will have more power or the last word. Don’t take it personally.

On the family side of things, be more forthcoming with family members, otherwise they might feel left out. They will come over to check your health. The partner will do everything possible to spend quality time by your side. Do not remove your irritation with them, nor bring resolved issues from the past. Socially you will be upset with a friend. Avoid confrontations today. You are exaggerating because of your sensitivity. Don’t expect an apology because you too have made mistakes with them in the past.

If you are single, you will be too mentally drained to interact with anyone. It’s okay to take a back seat. Just don’t be rude or snobbish with people.

Activity tip: Starting the day with yoga will help balance your energies.
Lucky color for work: Light green.
Lucky color for love: Black.
Karmic advice: don’t take things personally.


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