Slow down your mind

Slow down your mind

Slow down your mind

Dear natives of Aquarius, your health will be stable but lethargy and tiredness will take over from mental exhaustion. Your mind has been speeding up and it’s time for you to slow down. You must work to be more balanced and disconnect from work in your personal life, otherwise it will affect your health.

Work will be hectic. The meetings scheduled for today will put mental pressure on you and
take you out of your comfort zone. You will be nervous but the end result will be in your favor. Members of your senior work will be pleased with your performance or ideas. Avoid sharing too much information with your co-workers, otherwise you might face some competition from them. Stuck payments will be fixed.

Your family life will be stressful as you will be critical of other people’s behavior without seeing their point of view. You may face a harsh reaction from someone you have hurt because of your criticism. Take a few steps back before making your judgement. Look at situations from a bird’s eye view instead of just your point of view. It will only create energy blockages that will prevent you from embracing the present and the future with your family members.

When it comes to your relationship, your partner will understand your sensitive nature and give you some advice to help calm your energies.

Social life will take a backseat.

If you are single, you will just want to be alone and enjoy the night catching up on some movies.

Activity Tip: Yoga or stretching exercises before work will help you feel more refreshed.
Lucky color for work: dark pink.
Lucky color for love: Off-white.
Health Tip: Don’t be afraid of the past repeating itself.


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