Taurus daily health horoscope for April 29, 2022

Health will need attention. You could feel feverish or just under the weather. There could be a slight tenderness in the throat. Before self-medicating, get diagnosed by your doctor. Stay warm and drink warm water to flush out toxins. You may feel too weak to concentrate on work. Eat well and get some rest.

While the job is hectic, you will work at your own pace as long as your physical stamina allows. Seniors and team members will give you the space you need and deserve. Some important meetings can be rescheduled and it will work in your favor. There will be some positive news about the stuck paperwork. People from the past will contact you to come up with a new job.

Family life will take a back seat, as you will have work plans to catch up with your partner and friends. The partner will be emotionally demanding, as they have felt insecure about certain things you said in the past. Make sure to put an end to his insecurities. Don’t try to prove your point at the cost of hurting their emotions. Social obligations will be refreshing as you will meet new people and also spend time with old friends. A dear friend will come to you for financial advice.

If you are single, you will be interested in someone you have been talking to and spending time with lately.

Activity tip: Singing or doing a gratitude exercise will lift your energy after work.

Lucky color for work: black.

Lucky color for love- Light green.

Karmic advice: be more attentive.


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