Virgo daily health horoscope for April 29, 2022

Health will need attention as it will feel sensitive or under the weather. You should also be consistent with your medication or home remedies. Following a diet or home remedies for a few days and then letting it go will not give you the desired results you need. Avoid going to bed late, otherwise it will lead to disturbed sleep patterns and ruin your morning at work.

While the job is hectic, you will work at your own pace as long as your physical stamina allows. Seniors and team members will give you the space to be. It is possible that some important meeting will be rescheduled and it will work in your favor. There will be some news about the stuck paperwork. Don’t think too much about work.

The health of an older family member will need attention. Avoid friction with your partner. You may not have any reason towards them, but because you might feel frustrated, you might break up with your partner.

Social plans will be there and you can drop in to change your mood and take a breather from all the stress you’re going through.


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