Yoga to reduce facial hair and unwanted hair growth

Are you guilty of pulling out that coarse dark hair that grows on your chin or neck from time to time? We hope they don’t come back, but alas! They come back again, flaunting their thickness more than any hair on the body (not even our heads!). To avoid the constant embarrassment caused by unwanted hair growth, we grab our tweezers, facial razors, and even threads. But they can’t be hit with any tools, as they seem to emerge stronger again. Although the Internet is full of remedies to reduce facial hair, most of them seem like quackery and exaggerated claims. However, there is a yoga pose that can help reduce facial hair from within by regulating raging hormones.

When our hormones are regulated, it will lead to a favorable and positive outcome for the health of our body. There will be a state of natural flow in the body where all aspects of our health such as physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health will be in balance. In addition to this, hormones are also responsible for our internal and external health, such as the appearance of the skin and hair growth.

HealthShots spoke with Grandmaster Akshar, a yoga teacher and spiritual guru who dished out a yoga pose that can help reduce the appearance of these pesky unwanted hairs on your chin and upper lips.

This is the only yoga pose to reduce facial hair:

If you want to keep your hormonal state in a good balance, then the yoga posture that you should practice regularly is chakrasana. Chakrasana is also known as the wheel pose and it is a backbend pose that can be performed after a proper warm-up. Chakrasana can provide your body with a number of benefits including better blood circulation in the body, regulation of hormones, radiant skin and hair.

What foods to eat according to the reiki chakrasChakrasana, as the name suggests, regulates and aligns all your chakras for healthy living. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Akshar says, “Practicing chakrasana regularly will also reduce facial hair growth. It promotes the functioning of the thyroid gland and can provide you with solutions to control hormone-related conditions such as PCOS, PCOS, etc.

Here is how to practice chakrasana to reduce facial hair:

  1. To practice chakrasana, start with a proper warm-up that includes your hamstrings and back.
  2. Lie down on a yoga mat and bend your legs, placing your feet a comfortable distance from your pelvis.
  3. Reverse and place your palms below your ears and as you inhale, prepare to lift your pelvis and straighten your arms.
Chakrasana LPractice chakrasana to reduce facial hair naturally. Image courtesy: Samiksha Shetty

Best time to practice chakrasana:

The best time to practice chakrasana is early in the morning. It is recommended to perform this pose on an empty stomach. To see the benefits of this posture, it is important that you maintain regular and consistent discipline. For example, you should practice this pose a minimum of three times a week. If you decide to practice chakrasana at a particular time of the day, then you should try to keep the same time each time you practice. For best results, perform this asana for 3 to 4 weeks.

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